Woman Eats An Entire Live Octopus On Film

Woman Eats An Entire Live Octopus On Film

Kaleena Madruga

What some people may consider strange, others think of as delicacies. In different parts of the world certain animals are eaten with much delight, the same way Americans might enjoy chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, or fish. In some cultures, frogs, crickets, and octopus are most preferred.

One such place is South Korea. For her last day in Seoul, one woman decided to throw back a live octopus, and her video diary of the event is quite entertaining.

We all know that the intelligence of an octopus is well documented. For instance, they have the ability to guard their unhatched eggs for months or even years, and even demonstrate personalities. One of their most famous attributes is the ability to launch ink to deter predators. I would say what is even more impressive than that is how they camouflage themselves. But I will say I have never thought to eat a live one.

Sannakji, as we can see, is a live octopus, and this brave girl is about to try it for the first time. Initially, it is cringing to watch as she battles to put the octopus into her mouth. Understanding their fate, the octopus puts up a good fight by sticking to everything but her mouth. After several attempts by the person recording to get on with it, she toughens up and puts the squirmy creature her mouth.

For what seems like an eternity of chewing, she finally swallows the squid. Bravo!

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