Woman Who Never Knew Her Father Finds Him Right Before He Dies

Woman Who Never Knew Her Father Finds Him Right Before He Dies

Angela Markus

For many children who grow up in a single-parent home, the whereabouts of the unknown parent leaves many burning questions.

Determined to learn the identity of her father, Kathy Broth looked at her birth certificate when she was well over 60 years. It was then that she was able to set out on a path of discovery.

Broth’s father- who she had never met- was named Clifford Hawkins and surprisingly lived right around the corner from her.

“I kept thinking I must have a dad somewhere,” Kathy remarked in a segment of the Australian television show Today Tonight. “No one would tell me,” she continued, “It was like a big family secret.”

When she got a name, she wrote to the man who she believed was her father. Clifford had received the letter but was unsure if the woman writing was, in fact, his daughter’s. Clifford had recently been diagnosed with leukemia and doctors informed him he had just weeks to live. Carrol Sullivan, one of his children, read the letter and decided to seek out the woman.

She called Broth and after a few minutes of conversion, it was revealed that the two knew each other. They used to be best friends and in the same class in school. On one trip to Sullivan’s house, Broth unknowingly interacted with her biological father.

Broth finally met with the 84-year-old man of who she said, “He’s so nice.” Unfortunately, Clifford passed away just weeks after meeting, but now Broth is enjoying getting to know and spending time with the family.

What are the odds?

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