Woman Who Forgave Her Best Friend For Killing Her Toddler Gives Birth To Another Beautiful Baby Girl

Woman Who Forgave Her Best Friend For Killing Her Toddler Gives Birth To Another Beautiful Baby Girl

Angela Markus

One Tenino, Washington women who rose above tragedy to lead a nonprofit to help families navigate the loss of a child with the woman responsible for causing her child’s death, gave birth recently. Brynn Johnson, unfortunately, lost her baby Rowyn just over a year ago when her best friend, Cassie Miller, ran over the 17-month old, but is now rejoicing with her new bundle of joy.

It is a day that will play out in both women heads for the rest of their lives. The friends were on their way to take Brynn’s son, Wyatt, to school. Because Wyatt was crying, it was a challenge for the two moms. When Wyatt got out of the car, they had to go chasing him to get him back into his seat. It was then that Rowyn came close to the car unbeknownst to both moms, and it was only when Cassie was reversing she felt a thump. She ran over Rowyn.

Only parents who have lost a child can relate to the pain a mother feels, but Brynn wholeheartedly forgave her best friend and rather than allowing the tragedy to drive them apart, the two women joined forces to help pay for the final expenses of children with their non-profit Raise For Rowyn foundation.


Fast forward to today, Brynn has given birth to another beautiful baby girl, Mynrow. What seemed like a seamless birth was interrupted with news of fluid in the baby’s lungs and the need for oxygen support. It was then she broke down, but 23 hours later, her baby girl was stable.



Already Mom sees similarities between Rowyn and Mynrow. She said in an interview with Daily Mail, “I placed Rowyn’s picture in the hospital room, and I could feel her with us, watching over to make sure everything went well. Each day since Mynrow has been born; my heart feels just a little bit better.”







“I still miss my Rowyn so so much, but I know in my heart Rowyn had a huge part in sending us the perfect little baby for our family. I feel more than ever that she is with us every second watching over our family,” Brynn explained.



Brynn and Cassie bond continues to grow stronger. The first person Brynn wanted to share her baby joy with her best friend.

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