This Great-Grandmother Feeds Over 200 Children During The Summer

This Great-Grandmother Feeds Over 200 Children During The Summer

Kaleena Madruga

This retired grandmother has a job to do. There are some students in Grays Harbor County who rely on discounted or free lunches during the school year, but during summer vacation, those children cannot enjoy those services. The meals are distributed at only one location, and that’s where Phyllis Shaughnessy comes in.

“We’re all put on this earth to do something,” said Shaughnessy in the Human Kind short, “Better to give than to take.” Shaughnessy heads up Green Lantern Lunches, a non-profit organization that hand-delivers more 200 sack lunches to low-income children who live north of Ocean Shores.

Every weekday morning during the summer, Shaughnessy and a half dozen other volunteers assemble the lunches before the Green Lantern Tavern in Copalis Beach opens up for the breakfast crowd. Typically the lunches include non-perishable items such as Top Ramen and canned fruits.

“The kids are always excited when Miss Phillis is here!” said Angela Arroyo, a mother of five, who said her food bills go up when the kids are home for the summer.

While in other parts of the country, children are given lunches during the summer time, the North Beach School District had to alter it summer meal program because of budget restraints. Thankfully, there are people like Shaughnessy to deliver lunches to those in need with a smile.

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