Woman Looking For The Man Who Stood Up For Her After Being Assaulted On a Bus

Woman Looking For The Man Who Stood Up For Her After Being Assaulted On a Bus

Angela Markus

Kaitlyn Regehr was assaulted by a man on a bus and is now trying to track down the good samaritan who intercepted and stood up for her.

Toronto-born broadcaster, Kaitlyn Regehr, is also a filmmaker and burlesque expert based in London. She shared a photo of herself holding a ‘Thank you!’ sign to her Facebook page, along with a lengthy tribute to the mystery tall, dark, and dapper stranger.

She wrote:

To the man on the 207 bus towards Acton last night… Thank you for saying something when that man grabbed me. Thank you for insisting that it was not acceptable.

Evidently the man in question gave the assailant a good talking to about assaulting Kaitlyn.

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She continued:

 I thank you not just because you stood up for me, or because you made me feel safe, but because on your transit home – in this big, potentially anonymous city – you humanized assault. You didn’t turn away. You took a stand. You said something.

There are heroes all around us. Kaitlyn is a writer, broadcaster and award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on contemporary culture. According to Transport For London, one in ten Londoners have experienced unwanted sexual behavior on public transport, but 90 percent of these incidents go unreported.



It is important to remember that no incident is too small or trivial. If you are ever involved in such a horrendous ordeal, please seek help and report the incident.

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