Woman Accidently Super Glues Her Eye Lid Shut

Woman Accidently Super Glues Her Eye Lid Shut

Angela Markus

A woman in Florida learned a painful lesson after mistakenly gluing her eyes shut. Katie Gaydos is slowly recovering after she was given a container of super glue instead of eye drops and placed the drops into one eye. Although the powerful adhesive sealed the woman’s eyelids, she is expected to make a full recovery.

This almost unbelievable news story should serve as a precautionary tale in using extreme care when handling chemicals of any type — particularly, anything that’s going on or inside one’s body.

Gaydos said the mishap took place when an unidentified man was doing yard work using a leaf blower. Reportedly, some debris from the equipment lodged in her eye. Apparently, in a hasty attempt to help the woman during her distress, the man grabbed a small bottle of glue that the woman normally uses to repair broken fingernails. She then applied the drops into her eye and immediately knew something was wrong; they were sealed shut, and the irritation followed.

As you might have guessed, the bottle was not filled with Visine. The unemployed mom-of-two, sought medical attention from her doctor, but was turned away from the facility. Apparently, she didn’t have health insurance. In these cases, patients are referred to the nearest emergency room. Even though, doctors only provide care necessary to stabilize a person.

Still suffering from her eyes glued shut, the woman returned home and self-treated. After some nine days of self-treatment, she cried daily. Then, in a stroke of luck, the same doctor’s office contacted the Florida woman and invited her back for a look at her eye. Staff from the doctor’s office called her after her story went viral when Gaydos spoke to the news station about the incident.

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