Women Google Their Dates To Find Shocking Secrets

Women Google Their Dates To Find Shocking Secrets

Angela Markus

The thought of going on a first date with a stranger can understandably be a nerve-wrecking experience. And while many people will alleviate some of this anxiety by doing some online research on their romantic interest, it’s also arguably a sure way to unearth unexpected information.

The users of the anonymous secret-sharing app, Whisper, have revealed the most disturbing and shocking information they uncovered through Googling their dates beforehand.

The app allows users to send messages anonymously, and to receive replies. Some users were asked to share the most surprising information while researching. One of the most shocking by far came when one unfortunate user admitted that through research, she found out that she and her date were related.

A couple of the users were horrified when they found that their dates had told them outright lies—different physical attributes, or being much older. One Whisper user confessed their discovery of an especially shocking revelation; her date was married with kids!

While some were not as shocking, most were bizarre secrets about sexual and romantic history. One woman said, “Found his ex’s blog and discovered that he and his brother liked to share their women.”

One surprised user shared, “He had a very extensive criminal record, despite being in a respected position.” But not all were bad, one lucky user discovered that her date is a professional stunt man, and he’s famous.

The power of Google!

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