Women Reveal What Their Husbands Do on Family Feud and It’s Hilarious!

Women Reveal What Their Husbands Do on Family Feud and It’s Hilarious!

Angela Markus

Men, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. Husbands are fantastic. There is a long list of things that they can do well, some even very well. But there are also many things that irritate us.

Couples that are comfortable enough to foster open communication are happier, or at least, less miserable than those couples who keeps it bottled up. But there’s a fine line between open communication and letting it all out. These women on Family Feud are pushing that line and spilling the beans on live television!

As the host of Family Feud for the last five years, Steven Harvey has the most comical reactions to some of the funniest and shocking answers.

Watch this clip of the Gray family women answering an interesting question. He asked, “Name something that you wish your husband wasn’t so comfortable doing around you?” Steve’s facial expression to the very first answer proves this is going to be a good one. His response is even more hilarious.

When she shouts, “letting the cheese rip!” she has the crowd roaring. As Steve tries to understand and elaborates, the contestant admits that her husband’s bad habit is so out of control, he’s even teaching the skill to their daughter.

The obvious answers are displayed, burping, belching, and picking his nose. Classic! Can you guess what the others may be?

Now I don’t know about you, but if that isn’t love, what is?
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