This Cliff Slip And Slide Has A 50 Foot Drop!

This Cliff Slip And Slide Has A 50 Foot Drop!

Genevieve Lopez

Only the bravest of the brave would do something like this, and fortunately for us safe souls, we can enjoy the adventure through their epic video!

What looks like a terrible idea actually became an internet sensation when a group of young adults decided to create the world’s largest slip n’ slide!

With a long tarp, soap, plenty of water, and an adventurous camera crew, the team set up their ambitious slide atop a 50 foot cliff.

Watch as men and women alike, climb aboard the enormous slip n’ slide for the ride of a lifetime. The only thing bigger than the 50-foot drop will be the drop in your stomach! They’re jumping, diving, and spinning off the cliff and into the air with absolutely no fear in the world.

As much as you’ll be gripped to your seat, deep down, your inner child will be wishing you were there.

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