This WORLD RECORD Basketball Shot Will Make You Go Bonkers!

This WORLD RECORD Basketball Shot Will Make You Go Bonkers!

Jamaica Bravo

Inside of us all is some kind of inner athlete. While we may not be able to say that we have a World Record, we sure do feel a little better about ourselves once we’ve successfully thrown a paper ball or something of that sort into the trash can! As you watch this video, don’t feel so bad about yourself and your athletic abilities, but celebrate with this Australian trick shot team as they break their own Guinness World Record by throwing a basketball into a basketball hoop located at the bottom of a dam, 415 feet below.

This Aussie team took a trip to the Gordon Dam in Tasmania, which has the length of nearly 630 feet, and the depth of 459 feet. While you may not be able to imagine travelling to Tasmania just to shoot a basketball into a hoop… that is exactly what this team lives for. They set out on this adventure as they decided that they were going to try to break their previous record. Their previous record was 298 feet that was made off the Euromast, which is a tower that has the highest observation point in the Netherlands, during the year of 2013.

This isn’t quite an effortless task as it may seem. If you observe many videos of the team you will begin to understand that what they do is dependent on many aerodynamics such as wind speed, and angle and sometimes even the temperature of the condition that they are in as it can cause the object that they are using to either shrink or even expand! It is all often a guessing game, but this team has got what it takes to achieve their goal every time no matter how many attempts it takes them to get the ball into the goal.

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