The Perfectly Wrapped Gift Is Possible! Just Watch This Video

The Perfectly Wrapped Gift Is Possible! Just Watch This Video

Angela Markus

I believe it was Galileo who said, “Math is the way to understand all sorts of things in the world around us.” After watching mathematician Katie Steckles, you’ll learn that math even applies to wrapping presents! According to Steckles, these tips will help you produce the best-wrapped gifts around.

If you are anything like me, wrapping gifts does not come that easily. I consider it an art, but actually, it’s also about basic geometry. Steckles demonstrates a few “mathematically satisfying” ways to wrap presents.

You probably know a few of these already, like the standard method of wrapping boxes.

Here she shows us how the best way to get the pattern of the wrapping paper to line up over squishy objects. She also demonstrates a neat trick for wrapping equilateral triangular-shaped prism (a headache for me) and how to calculate the perfect paper size to wrap a square box.

It’s probably overboard for many people, but ideal for those of us who are obsessed with perfectly wrapped presents. For those rectangular shaped presents, get the paper one-half way up the object, and then wrap as you would any gift.

Where has this video been all of my life? Enjoy the tips.

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