Man Pranks Shoppers By Wrapping Their Cars in Holiday Paper

Man Pranks Shoppers By Wrapping Their Cars in Holiday Paper

Angela Markus

Christmas time is the most magical time of the year. It is a time to offer as much cheer to as many people as we can. Rob Anderson decided to do just that, but with a very funny twist. He decided to prank some unsuspected shoppers in a parking lot.

As we will see, there is really no right or wrong way to open a present, but when the gift is as big a car, it doesn’t hurt to practice. Anderson and friends decided to spread a little holiday cheer in Las Vegas when they decided to cover parked cars in wrapping paper.

When the car owners returned to their cars, there were mixed feelings. Some people loved it, but others were not amused. Confused by the thought of who would gift wrap their vehicle and why, the car owners got to unwrapping. Some of them had help while others had to go at it on their own.

The task looked painful for many as they ripped the paper off of the car, layer by layer. But when they were all finished each prank victim got a merry surprise. Stuck to the windows of their cars, there was an envelope with a card filled with money inside. The shocking gift was a delightful one!

One young girl stopped to pose for a picture, while another woman hugged Anderson after realizing he was the source of the Christmas cheer.

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