This Holiday Hacks Will Make Wrapping Presents A Breeze!

This Holiday Hacks Will Make Wrapping Presents A Breeze!

Kaleena Madruga

Christmas is a time of giving, which usually involves wrapped gifts. However, sometimes people make a big mess of the wrapping process. If you do not want to pay that lovely person at the department store, or you have gone through several rolls of wrapping paper, put down the scissors and watch these 5 wrapping hacks presented by BuzzFeed.

The first hack has to do with the wrapping paper rolls. To prevent those rolls from unraveling at will, up-cycle a few toilet paper rolls by cutting them down the middle and affixing them to the wrapping paper rolls.

Did you know that you could make bows using magazines? Well, you can! Tear a sheet of magazine paper and cut 3 x 10” strips. Also, cut 2 x 9” strips, and 1 x 4” strips. For the 9 and 10-inch strips, fold the top of the strips down, twist the bottom then tape. Fold the smaller strips, and then assemble. Amazing!

Finding the ends of tape can be a headache. Just stick a bread clip to the end and voila! Tip 4: Use double-sided tape for a clean look. And finally, if you plan on giving away sweet treats, use your old aluminum foil boxes. First paint them in a festive color, and when the paint dries line with wax paper, fill, and add a bow.

Fabulous hacks!

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