Woman Forgives Husband for Making a Wrong Turn as They Prepare To Die…

Woman Forgives Husband for Making a Wrong Turn as They Prepare To Die…

Angela Markus

After being rescued from a terrifying and tormenting two-week ordeal, Dianna Bedwell explained the series of events that will probably stain her memory for a long time. The 68-year-old wife and mother was stranded in a California desert on her way to her son’s home for a special occasion.

An extensive rescue effort found Dianna and was immediately airlifted to the closest hospital. The new widow explained her nightmare to Associated Press about how a wrong turn became fatal and left her stranded.

Dianna and her husband, 79-year-old Cecil Knustan, were heading to Palm Springs, California to celebrate the Mother’s Day weekend with their son. Cecil took an unfortunate wrong turn that ended up being his last.

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The couple’s car, a Hyundai Sonata, hit a rock where it got stuck and was unable to move. The couple was stuck on a road leading to nowhere, and the location of their terrible agony made it nearly impossible for them to be found.

What Dianna told her husband was heart-wrenching considering the subsequent outcome. She said to her husband, “Honey, we all make mistakes. We all make wrong choices. That’s all that was.” She continued, “We had 29 wonderful years together. If we make it out, fine. If we don’t make it out, fine.”

Sadly, Cecil passed away a week into the nightmare; he just fell asleep. The wife told Associated Press she thanked God for the way he went. Her husband felt no pain and no anger.

How did this woman survive? Dianna was barely able to survive on rainwater, fruit, and a butter cream pie. Later reports show her recovery was successful.

What a bittersweet story. Thank you Jezebel!

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