You’ll NEVER Guess How Much This Dog Weighs! I’m SHOCKED!

You’ll NEVER Guess How Much This Dog Weighs! I’m SHOCKED!

Ashley Rego

If you know anything about Beagles, you know that they are relatively small dogs, usually weighing no more than 30 pounds. However, an animal rescue facility has recently taken in a Beagle that more than doubles this weight! Tipping the scales at an incredible 85 pounds, this dog is about to embark on a journey towards a major slim down! 

When workers at the rescue center saw the uncommonly large pup’s image on social media, they immediately recognized its need for help and arranged to have the dog taken into their hands. The canine’s owners agreed to surrender the dog as they realized they could not provide him with the healthy lifestyle he so desperately required.

Among a variety of health concerns that obesity can lead to, the extra weight has put so much stress on the dog’s joints, that he has recently been unable to walk on his own. Named Kale Chips, in honor of the type of food he’s surely going to need to get used to, this dog is finally about to embark on the lifestyle change that will potentially save his life.

In hopes of a healthier future, the rescue center has teamed up with a company who will start him on a slow but steady weight loss program. Although it will be a long and difficult road ahead (particularly for Kale Chips), the team says they have slimmed down dogs almost as big as this before and they are very confident in that Kale Chips is no exception! 

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