His Young Sons Are Murder Suspects, But Now Dad Speaks Out on Who is Really Responsible For the Crime

His Young Sons Are Murder Suspects, But Now Dad Speaks Out on Who is Really Responsible For the Crime

Angela Markus

Is it a little too late?

Javaris Milton, father of two young boys suspected of murder in Omaha, talks to a reporter on how his poor parenting skills are to blame for the recent actions of his sons.

The two young boys, 17-year-old Jamar and 12-year-old Jarrell, and another suspect are charged with first-degree murder for the shooting death of Jamymell Ray at a park in Omaha on June 29th.

The older brother has been charged as an adult, but the younger awaits his first hearing in a juvenile court.

Prosecutors are claiming Jarrell is a member of a notorious street gang.

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Now Dad tells a news reporter that he takes full responsibility for the actions of his sons.

Serving a life sentence for murder, Javaris said his lack of parenting, gang lifestyle and involvement in crime have influenced the type of life his children have acquired since his incarceration. In an hour-long phone interview, Javaris admits to having sleepless nights since the news of the tragedy. He believes he is truly responsible for his sons’ actions and the death of the young man.

Javaris stated that because of lack of money to take his children out of a community riddled with drugs and crime, the children learned first-hand from his activities. He admits to being a poor role model.

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Search for Jarrell lead the Marshalls to Minnesota where they found the preteen. Javaris claims that his son Jarrell was not running because of his involvement in the crime, but because he was told to do so by the father for fear of retaliation. The father also stated that his youngest is not guilty of murder, but was at the scene of the crime.

There is a very sad element to this case. Jaravis actions created a ripple-effect not only for his family, which has life-long consequences, but the family members of the victim. Again, is it too little too late?

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