This Ziplock Bag Trick Will Simplify Your Life

This Ziplock Bag Trick Will Simplify Your Life

Angela Markus

Ziplock bags are equally a source of convenience and frustration. We love them because they allow us to store perishable items for a very long time. However, we often deplore them because they are so hard to close. But did you know that you might just be closing the bag all wrong? Here is the perfect trick that will make closing a Ziplock bag easier!

Why is it such a difficult task to zip up these bags? The answer lies in the complicated nature of their hi-tech design. Ziplock bags have to serve a number of functions. At times, the varying objectives are at odds with each other, resulting in consumers experiencing the dual love-hate relationship with these now seeming necessary parts of our households.

For those convenient bags to work, all of the air must be out. L.V Anderson of Slate magazine shows us how to make the most of our ZipLock bags. Instead of putting the items in the bag and trying to remove the air with the famous hand method, try closing the bag, leaving about an inch of space unsealed. Using your mouth suck all of the air out of the bag. It will be as effective as using a vacuum sealer.

This girl is a genius!

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